Doing business with the same compromise, just like before.

Doing business with the same compromise, just like before.

100% ready to support your digital transformation remotely

COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

The same quality of service guaranteed

Due to the spreading of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world is facing an unprecedented situation that affects businesses in all fields. It’s now time to adapt to this new reality by assuring the safety of our collaborators, clients, partners, and communities, and rapidly shifting our procedures.

Thanks to the swift response in adapting to the new ways of work, Readiness IT has been running and executing 100% of the projects, while assuring delivery times and contracted quality of services. By creating flexible schedules and improved working conditions, we can still support all digital transformation remotely. Our teams are constantly available to take action at any time as needed, and ready to meet your demands or questions through online calls and meetings.

We kept the excellence in the delivery of services from which we are renowned for, always performing see-through operations, assuring an empathy during all of our commitments and obligations, aiming to create deeper, lasting, and reliable relationships. We are continuously developing business procedures according to these new ways of cooperation and decision-making procedures.

Let´s grow business together.


Enhanced teams

We have adjusted our schedules and working environments to enhance the productivity of our collaborators. Our goal is to create a new digital culture that is comfortable for us and for our clients.

Delivering clients’ projects

We keep on assuring all projects continuity and delivery. 24/7, remotely and from three different continents, granting a service cover of 100% to all clients.

Assuring business continuity

By being digitally prepared, we assure the sustainability of our projects and our clients businesses. At Readiness IT, we keep on doing business  with the same compromise, just like before.

Know more about how we can support your business

Our experts can support with all the information needed about our Digital Services, Managed Services and Digital Consulting. See for yourself how Readiness IT can speed up the digital transformation of your company, through taylor-made projects and by developing business solutions for your exclusive needs. 

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