Welcome to System Ninjas

Readiness IT is always looking for young and talented people to join our teams.

The company recruits, teaches and empowers recent graduates every year, and integrate them in the corporation from day one.

It’s a unique opportunity for you to get your first job, acquire new skills, grow professionally and work in international projects. In our competence center, IT professionals with more than 15 years of experience, will support your development and a plan is defined for each participant, in order to develop both personal and technical skills required for the business operations.

This is the entry point to join Readiness IT.

Who are we looking for?

All job candidates to System Ninjas have one thing in common: knowledge in computer programming concepts.

If you have a graduation in Information Technologies, Engineering, Multimedia, Bioengineering or other expertise in computer programming languages, you are able to apply and join us. 

Best candidates to become System Ninjas are people who:

• Have knowledge of programming languages;

• Feel deep passion for new technologies and digital transformation;

• Good verbal and writing skills in English / Spanish knowledge is an advantage;

• Availability to work in worldwide projects, locally or internationally.

More than 90% of all the applicants successfully accomplish System Ninjas training and join Readiness IT

What our team says about ReadinessIT

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