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How Kloudville BSS is revolutionizing Fiber Service Providers and FTTx operations



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Fiber networks are becoming a crucial element for staying connected, so it’s important to keep up with the changes. We talked to Luis Dias, a telecom expert, and the Sales & Key Account Manager at Readiness IT, to learn more.

Luís provided us with some great insights into the challenges Fiber Service Providers (FSPs) are dealing with and how new solutions like Kloudville BSS are making a difference in FTTx (Fiber to the x) operations.


Readiness IT: Welcome, Luis! Thank you for joining us today. You have extensive experience in the telecommunications market, and we’re eager to dive into the exciting world of Fiber and FTTx technologies. As we witness a surge in Fiber network rollouts, what are the key trends you’re observing in the market?

Luis Dias: Thank you for having me. It’s true, that the Fiber rush is still on and developing rapidly, driven by government and private investments and consumer demand for fast broadband. However, the focus is shifting from network building to building profitable businesses on these networks. And operators are exploring innovative strategies to differentiate themselves.

RIT: As an expert advisor to Telecommunication companies across the years, what are the biggest challenges Fiber Service Providers face today?

LD: One major challenge is transitioning from a network-centric approach to a customer-centric one. Building trust and loyalty and offering exceptional customer experiences are crucial for sustainable growth. Many operators struggle with legacy systems delaying agility and innovation. That’s the most common and biggest challenge I normally observe in clients.

RIT: That’s where Readiness IT and Kloudville BSS come in, right? Can you elaborate on how this solution addresses these challenges for FTTx operators?

LD: Kloudville BSS is a game-changer, designed specifically for the digital age and great for FTTx needs. It’s a modular, no/low code platform, empowering operators to react swiftly to new opportunities and launch innovative offers in hours, not months. This agility is invaluable in today’s dynamic market. And it’s amazing for FTTH (Fiber to the Home), FTTB (Fiber to the Building), all FTTx, you name it.

RIT: Could you give us concrete examples of how Kloudville BSS improves FTTx operations on retail and wholesale?

LD: The examples are endless. To name just a few, for FTTx wholesale operations, Kloudville simplifies partner management and streamlines service provisioning. It can onboard new resellers efficiently and offer new monetization possibilities. For FTTx Retail operations, it empowers operators to bundle non-connectivity services like mobile, content, and other services or products, building customer loyalty and increasing average revenue per user (ARPU). It’s a great tool, essential for all the challenges that Fiber Service Providers are facing nowadays.

RIT: But how does Kloudville compare to traditional, legacy systems?

LD: Traditional systems are rigid, time-consuming to modify, and often require vendor dependence, the costs are very high. Kloudville is the opposite. It’s flexible, enables operators to make changes themselves, and empowers them to experiment with new ideas rapidly. This agility is essential for thriving in the competitive FTTx landscape.

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Many operators struggle with legacy systems delaying agility and innovation. That’s the most common and biggest challenge I normally observe in clients.

RIT: Looking ahead, what are your predictions for the future of FTTx and the role of solutions like Kloudville BSS?

LD: The future is Fiber, and FTTx adoption will continue to rise. Operators who embrace digital transformation and leverage agile solutions like Kloudville BSS will be best positioned to capture these opportunities and monetize them. Building a customer-centric business, offering innovative services, and ensuring operational efficiency will be key differentiators.

RIT: I’d like to dive into a real-world example. Can you tell us about your latest Kloudville’s successful implementation?

LD: Absolutely. We have implemented Kloudville BSS in many Telecommunication companies successfully. About the latest implementation, due to a non-disclosure agreement, I rather not say the name of this client, but I can say it’s a Tier 1 player, a leading European telecom company aiming for nationwide Fiber optic coverage. They have presented us with a fascinating challenge, while they are expanding their network rapidly, offering innovative services, and transforming their business operations for efficiency and agility. We did implement Kloudville BSS in this client and it proved to be the perfect solution.

Luís Dias, Readiness IT expert, talks about Kloudville BSS

RIT: What were the specific challenges the client faced before implementing Kloudville BSS?

LD: Their primary goals were ambitious: full Fiber optic coverage, lightning-fast speeds on their Go-to-Market, and a seamless transition to a future-proof platform. They needed a system that could support various services like GPON and Dark Fiber, manage complex configurations, customize offerings for different customer segments, and many more. Additionally, reducing operational costs and their overall TCO was naturally also crucial.

RIT: How did Kloudville BSS address those challenges?

LD: We’ve implemented Kloudville for the specific needs of the Fiber operator. The new system provided new extensive capabilities, including efficient modeling of offerings, flexible pricing, customization, and streamlined billing. The main processes and key business operations were automated and simplified, ensuring smooth Order Management & Billing, and the enhancement of customer interactions and experiences through streamlined support processes.

RIT: What were the key results of this implementation?

LD: The impact was very significant. We achieved a smooth technological transition without service disruptions, eliminating the need for costly future migrations. The operations became more agile, with faster time-to-market for new offerings. They expect significant efficiency gains while improving business automation, ultimately leading to cost reduction and a stronger competitive edge.

RIT: What key takeaways can other FTTx operators learn from this experience?

LD: In my opinion, highlights the importance of choosing a flexible and scalable solution like Kloudville BSS. It empowers operators to adapt to changing market demands, deliver exceptional customer experiences, and optimize their operations for efficiency and profit. By embracing digital transformation with the right tools, FTTx providers can thrive, just like this client did.

RIT: Luis, thank you for sharing this insightful case. Your expertise and Kloudville’s innovative solutions offer valuable guidance for Fiber Service Operators seeking to excel in today’s dynamic market.

LD: Thank you for having me.

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Traditional systems are rigid, time-consuming to modify, and often require vendor dependence, the costs are very high. Kloudville is the opposite. It’s flexible and enables operators to make changes themselves.

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The success story presented by Luís underscores the importance of embracing flexible, scalable solutions like Kloudville BSS. By prioritizing digital transformation and investing in innovative tools, FSPs can satisfy the demands of the FTTx landscape with confidence, driving growth and staying ahead of the competition.

In conclusion, the telecommunications industry is undergoing a transformation with Fiber emerging as one important element of connectivity. By using the power of solutions like Kloudville BSS, FSPs can not only overcome existing challenges but also position themselves as leaders in the dynamic FTTx ecosystem. As Luis well demonstrates, expertise coupled with innovation is the winning formula for success in the evolving world of telecommunications.

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Luís Dias, Readiness IT’s Sales & Key Account Manager

Luis Dias has been working on Business Development, Sales, and Key Account Management domains in Companies such as Siemens, Comverse, Ericsson, and Readiness IT over the past 25+ years, selling complex Telecom, IT, and TV & Media technology and services solutions to Telecom Operators in several countries in Europe, Africa, and South America continents. He is currently working on Sales and managing several Readiness IT Customers in the EMEA Region.

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