B2B Marketplaces for CSPs

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Go beyond connectivity

Unlocking the power of B2B Marketplaces in Telecommunication Service Providers

To take full advantage of B2B Marketplaces, CSPs need to develop a comprehensive strategy. This includes understanding customers’ needs, researching for potential partners, defining an effective pricing model, selecting the products & services to offer to costumers, and choose on the technology & integration partner they need to support the new business strategy.

By developing a complete strategy, CSPs can take full advantage of the opportunities offered by B2B Marketplaces and maximize their return on investment. B2B Marketplaces offer the opportunity to establish relationships with new potential customers and collaborate with other business partners.

According to GSMA’s survey report, there will be strong demand for cloud, 5G networks, SD-WAN and IoT services in the years to come, meaning new business opportunities for CSP´s to explore. Many operators have already started to initiate contacts with business partners to build digital ecosystems, doing proofs of concepts with technological companies and even launching marketplaces, particularly for IoT services and Cloud services.

Communication service providers have a real opportunity to offer ground-breaking services, beyond connectivity. In this scenario, not only will CSPs succeed, but also partners, businesses, and customers.

Unlocking the power of B2B Marketplaces in Telecommunication Service Providers


The benefits of B2B Marketplaces for CSPs

Increased Reach and Visibility

B2B marketplaces offer telecommunication service providers the opportunity to increase their reach and visibility. By leveraging the platform, providers can expand their customer base and reach new market verticals (Healthcare, Insurance, etc.) by selling services & solutions, beyond the normal connectivity services.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

With B2B marketplaces providers have access to the emerging technologies that can help them to stay ahead of the competition. These platforms provide them with the latest insights, trends, and strategies to help them develop innovative products and services and monetize them.

Cost Savings and Higher Margins

By leveraging the platform, providers can take advantage of the economies of scale and find the best deals for their services, helping them to maximize their profits. CSP’s can save on costs by having access to competitive pricing and discounts from business partners.

Increase Revenue Potential

B2B marketplaces offer the opportunity to increase revenue potential by providing the access to a wide range of products and services from partners and ecosystems. By leveraging the platform, providers can find new opportunities and develop new revenue streams, helping them to maximize their profits.


Developing a B2B Marketplace Strategy

Identify Target Customers

Understanding the customer base and identifying the most profitable customers is essential for any successful B2B market strategy. We must analyze customer data, create customer segments, and develop targeted campaigns to ensure we are reaching the right customers with the right message.

Developing a B2B Marketplace Strategy

Develop Value-Added Services

Creating attractive service plans and value-added services is key to driving customer loyalty. We must develop plans that meet customer needs, provide incentives for customers to stay, and ensure that we are delivering a high-quality customer experience.

Select the right Technology Partner

Ensuring the right technology and technological partner are essential for the success of any B2B strategy. CSP’s must safeguard that the selected solution is suitable for the Telecom Industry and select partners that have shown experience on the deployment of Telecom projects and that it can implemented fast.

Identify your Business Partners

By leveraging the B2B platform, providers can now select and easily onboard their business partners, their services & solutions, to generate new offers for their catalog, and develop new revenue streams, beyond connectivity.

revenue models

B2B Marketplace Revenue Models in Telco


In this arrangement, a fee (either fixed or a percentage of the order value) is charged by the operator to the business partner. It can be applied to one-shot sales of partner products & services.


A monthly or annual fee is paid by customers in a subscription model. Because it offers a reliable revenue stream, this setup is great for operators. Appropriate for software, cloud services, etc.


For most operators, the best strategy for creating value is implementing a hybrid revenue model.

B2B Marketplace Revenue Models in Telco

Business Opportunities

Creating new Business Opportunities

Tailored Data and Connectivity

Telecom companies offer a wide range of data and connectivity solutions to meet the needs of their customers. These solutions are tailored to the customer’s specific needs, ensuring they have access to the data and connectivity they need for their operations (IoT, 5G, 4K streaming, online gamming, etc.).