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Low-code platforms, such as OutSystems, are pivotal in achieving better operational efficiency and speeding up development processes, by enabling rapid application creation with minimal manual coding.

In this interview, Marlene Vicente and Jorge Vila from Readiness IT, a global leader in digital transformation, provide valuable insights into their partnership with OutSystems. They discuss how this collaboration has helped streamline operations, deliver innovative solutions, and drive business growth across various sectors and regions.


Marlene Vicente, Readiness IT’s Head of Low-code Business Unit

jorge avila

Jorge Vila, Readiness IT’s Low-code Business Manager

Marlene Vicente and Jorge Vila share expert insights on Low-code & OutSystems

Interviewer: Welcome, Marlene and Jorge. Thank you for taking the time to speak with us today. To start off, could you both provide a brief overview of Readiness IT and its relationship with OutSystems?

Marlene Vicente: Thank you for having us. Readiness IT is a global digital transformation company, and we are proud to be an official partner of OutSystems. Our partnership leverages OutSystems’ low-code platform to deliver rapid and efficient digital solutions. With over 100 certified specialists, we provide comprehensive services to clients across Europe, America, and the APAC region.

Jorge Vila: We work closely with Outsystems to offer tailored solutions in various business sectors, including telecom, health, finance, manufacturing, insurance, and banking. Our goal is to help companies streamline their operations and drive innovation through digital transformation.

Interviewer: Could you tell us more about the geographical reach of Readiness IT and some of the countries where your teams are based?

Jorge Vila: Our teams are strategically located in countries such as Portugal, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Paraguay, and India. This global presence allows us to support our clients effectively, no matter where they are located.

Interviewer: What are the main benefits for companies using OutSystems solutions?

Marlene Vicente: OutSystems provides a robust platform that accelerates application development through its low-code environment. This means companies can quickly develop, deploy, and update applications with minimal manual coding, leading to significant time and cost savings. The platform also supports scalability, ensuring that businesses can grow and adapt their applications as needed.

Interviewer: Jorge, you’re responsible for sales in the USA and Latin America. What strategies are you using to expand operations in these regions?

Jorge Vila: We are focusing on building strong relationships with international clients, particularly in North and South America. Our strategy includes demonstrating the tangible benefits of our solutions through case studies and success stories, such as the project we completed with Entel, Fid Seguros, Bepp, Remix, Unitel, Betterfly, Arnott’s, and Colun. Additionally, we are investing in local talent and establishing partnerships to enhance our market presence.

Interviewer: Marlene, as the Head of Low-code Business Unit, what are your strategic goals for Readiness IT?

Marlene Vicente: Our main goal is to grow our international client base and become an even more significant partner for OutSystems. We aim to expand our services and offerings, particularly in emerging markets, and continue to innovate in our solutions to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

Interviewer: Speaking of client success, can you walk us through the Arnott’s project? Or any other that you would like to highlight?

Marlene Vicente: Certainly. Arnott’s needed to accelerate the digital transformation, with four pivotal challenges demanding resolution, a scenery with numerous siloed systems that delayed operations, redundancy processes and functionalities and causing inefficiencies, the need to expedite procedures, the aim to drive down operational costs.

Jorge Vila: The solution featured an automated digital workflow, reducing manual efforts and enhancing transparency through notifications at various workflow stages. It also integrated seamlessly with their internal systems, addressing the issues of siloed systems and redundancy. This integration paved the way for Arnott’s to benefit from further digital enhancements, significantly expediting procedures and driving down operational costs.

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OutSystems provides a robust platform that accelerates application development through its low-code environment.

Interviewer: What were the results of this implementation?

Marlene Vicente: The results were very significant. Accelerated the implementation within a short timeframe of the  implementation of the EBPM Portal.  This resulted in the consolidation of information into a single, real time system, empowering the leadership with agile and well-informed decision making capabilities. The streamlining of processes led to substantial gains in productivity, ultimately culminating in an impressive 30% reduction in operational costs.

Interviewer: That’s a remarkable achievement. How do you see this success influencing your future projects?

Jorge Vila: The success of this and all of the other projects we have been involved in, showcases our capability to deliver scalable and efficient digital solutions. It strengthens our position in the market and serves as a benchmark for future projects. We will continue to leverage such success stories to attract new clients and expand our footprint.

Interviewer: What are some challenges you face when working with international clients, and how do you overcome them?

Marlene Vicente: One major challenge is navigating different regulatory environments and cultural nuances. We overcome this by employing local experts who understand the specific needs and regulations of each market. Additionally, our global presence allows us to be flexible and responsive to our clients’ needs.

Marlene Vicente, Readiness IT expert in Outsystems

Interviewer: How does Readiness IT ensure the quality and consistency of its services across different regions?

Jorge Vila: We have standardized processes and rigorous quality assurance protocols in place. Continuous training and certification programs for our specialists ensure that they are up to date with the latest technologies and best practices. Regular audits and feedback loops help us maintain high standards consistently across all regions.

Interviewer: Marlene, could you share any future plans or upcoming projects that you are excited about?

Marlene Vicente: We have several exciting projects in the pipeline, particularly in the healthcare and finance sectors. We are also exploring opportunities in South America and North America in multiple business sectors. Our focus remains on delivering innovative and impactful solutions to our clients.

Interviewer: Jorge, how do you plan to maintain and grow relationships with your existing clients while attracting new ones?

Jorge Vila: Maintaining strong relationships with our existing clients involves regular communication, understanding their evolving needs, and delivering consistent value. For attracting new clients, we rely on showcasing our successful projects, and demonstrating our expertise through thought leadership and industry events.

Interviewer: Finally, what do you believe sets Readiness IT apart from other digital transformation companies?

Marlene Vicente: Our combination of global reach, deep expertise in OutSystems, and commitment to innovation sets us apart. We are dedicated to understanding our clients’ unique challenges and delivering tailored solutions that drive real business value.

Interviewer: Thank you both for sharing your insights and experiences. It’s been a pleasure speaking with you, and we look forward to seeing your continued success.

Marlene Vicente and Jorge Vila: Thank you. It’s been a pleasure.

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The success of this and all of the other projects we have been involved in, showcases our capability to deliver scalable and efficient digital solutions.

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Through their partnership with OutSystems, Marlene Vicente and Jorge Vila have demonstrated Readiness IT’s ability to deliver impactful digital solutions quickly and efficiently. Their success stories, like the transformation of Arnott’s, highlight the effectiveness of low-code platforms in solving complex business challenges.

As Readiness IT continues to expand its global footprint and explore new opportunities, their commitment to innovation and excellence remains steadfast, positioning them at the forefront of digital transformation initiatives worldwide

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