Entel’s path to operational excellence with Oracle Retail applications and Readiness IT

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Entel is a leading technology and telecommunications company with operations in Chile and Peru, markets in which it has more than 18.2 million mobile subscribers.

In Chile, it offers mobile telephony services and integrated fixed network operations for data, voice, IT/digital, Internet and related services for individuals, companies, corporations and wholesalers. In Peru, through subsidiaries, it provides mobile telephony services and a range of fixed services for companies. In both countries, it provides call center services.

Digital Transformation


  • Support Entel on B2C and B2B segments;
  • Guarantee a partner for continuous maintenance, support, and evolution of its Oracle Retail operations;
  • Providing support to physical store operations in Chile and Peru, allowing B2C users to perform operations related to invoicing, payments, and cash management;
  • Transactional support for eCommerce sales, directly initiated by B2C customers;
Digital company


Readiness IT stepped in to provide comprehensive support for Entel’s Oracle Retail applications.

This involved addressing N2 and N3 level issues in Entel applications, including XSTORE, OROB, ORSIM, and XOFFICE.

The Readiness IT team of experts in the Oracle solution meticulously analyzed incidents, assessed their business impact, identified root causes, and resolved problems, verifying implemented solutions and applied new configurations to enhance application performance.

The company was responsible for delivering upgrades, features, and adjustments in line with business requirements and offering the most efficient solutions.


  • Improved stability for Oracle Retail applications
  • Better service to end customers and successful completion of operations
  • A notable trend of decreasing reported issues in production has been observed
  • Over a 50% reduction in reported principal issues from N2 level support
  • More than a 35% decrease in reported principal issues from N3 level support.

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