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Entel is a leading technology and telecommunications company with operations in Chile and Peru, markets in which it has more than 18.2 million mobile subscribers.

In Chile, it offers mobile telephony services and integrated fixed network operations for data, voice, IT/digital, Internet and related services for individuals, companies, corporations and wholesalers. In Peru, through subsidiaries, it provides mobile telephony services and a range of fixed services for companies. In both countries, it provides call center services.

Digital Transformation


  • High number of orders in error on a recurring basis.
  • Processes with low performance.
  • Overload of the operations area.
  • Processes that are not customer-centric.

Planing and Project Phases

  • Discovery
      • Objective of producing the hypotheses and their estimation for the actual implementation work describing and agreeing on the entire action plan.
  • Implementing Quick Wins
      • Getting immediate results when deploying automatisms to manage the known errors.
        Objective: Eliminate manual activities.
  • Process reengineering
      • Promote changes in processes so that activities that impact customer service are prioritized.
        Goal: Improve the customer experience by delivering sooner.
  • Creating predictive error handling analytics methods
      • Creation of predictive analysis and error handling methods, applying Business Intelligence techniques.
        Objective: Reduce MMTR, create AI Ops capabilities to detect, diagnose and solve problems.
  • Management of operations offline
      • Change of the strategy in order to achieve completion of orders and promote the necessary corrections after the closing of the orders.
        Objective: Reduce the impacts to the client due to errors in the systems.
  • Results
      • In both Chile and Peru, the improvement in operations was outstanding. Operational errors were greatly reduced, automation to resolve errors automatically was implemented reducing operating costs and freeing the team to other relevant tasks, process reengineering allowed for faster operations without errors, and in the end, the customer experience was much superior.


  • +75% improvement in the number of operations errors.
  • Quality of data and information improves +15%.
  • Manual operations will be reduced by more than +50%.
  • Error rate at the end of the project of 0.1%.

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