Zain’s digital transformation journey

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Zain stands as the pioneer of mobile telecommunications in the Middle East, with its business beginning in Kuwait in 1983 as the region’s first mobile operator.

Since initiating their expansion strategy in 2003, Zain has experienced rapid growth and expansion. Today, Zain holds the position of a leader in mobile voice and data services.

Digital Transformation


  • Zain faced the challenge of meeting the demanding needs of its millions of active customers for new functionalities;
  • The company wanted an alternative Application Development and Maintenance (ADM) provider to replace their existing one;
  • Readiness IT was chosen by Zain to join their select group of vendors, providing ADM/AMS services for Siebel, Tibco, and CBiO stack.
Digital company


Leveraging its Telco expertise, Readiness IT has taken on the responsibility of ADM services that impact the systems of Siebel, CBiO stack, and Tibco for Zain.

Several phases involved, starting with the analysis and definition of the Integration Analysis (IA) document, followed by the development of the solution and creation of Low-Level Design.

Additionally, Readiness IT performing system integrated tests, providing support for User Acceptance Testing (UAT), and ensuring the stability of the solution in a production environment.

The company also manages AMS services, focusing on performance enhancements and database improvements, such as the creation of new indexes or the optimization of resource-intensive queries.

Moreover, Readiness IT is responsible for the refactoring of workflows and solutions, analyzing production logs and resolving recurrent errors, and providing architectural support for Zain for new ideas.


  • This project is positioning Readiness IT as a trusted partner within Zain’s exclusive circle of vendors
  • ADM services are proving highly effective in the current business reality
  • There is a substantial improvement in the performance of Zain’s CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system
  • The project is ensuring rapid Time-to-Market (TTM) essential for keeping pace with the dynamic business landscape
  • This initiative is highlighting the potential for further enhancements in Zain’s operations, particularly those involving the implementation of other technologies like Salesforce, B2B, new deployments, and business automations

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